Prayer In The Life Of The Believer Part 4

on 13-Jun-2017 by Dr Keith Moore

Four Snapshots of Christ's Prayer Life.You probably have seen this.  You say something and it is met with an instant eye roll and a whispered “fine”. Only, you know it is not fine. You know you have just experienced going “halfway”. You hoped for an understanding, a meeting of the mind. Unfortunately, You may never know the other side. Why do we do this, and why do we settle for “fine”? FINE can be expressed with the acronym “Feelings Inside Not Expressed”.Christianity is a relationship, and God has done His part. The Father and Son want the closest possible relationship with you.Pastor Keith in Part 4 of this series examines four key aspects gleaned from Jesus' prayer life as described in the Bible.The Father and Son don't want a “FINE” relationship with us, they want the best relationship. Sadly, the depth of our interaction depends on us. Much can be learned from this study of the prayer life of Jesus. Lets talk to God!



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