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It takes a lot of people to make Sunday worship services and the church run smoothly. If you'd like to get involved, here are some opportunties.

Coffee Fellowship (Sunday, 10.05 am)

The Coffee Fellowship following the Traditional Worship Service, is a great way to make new friends. If you enjoy baking and/or serving drinks and refreshments, you may want to join the Coffee Fellowship team. Most refreshments are home baked or purchased by church attendees. Team members typically manage food donations, set up and clean up after the gathering.

FBC Choir

FBC Choir is rested and ready to sing on Sunday mornings. Praise God! If you are a returning choir member or want to join the adult choir, please contact Ross Bertran at 712-5073 or email at Ross_Bertran@roadrunner.com 

Food Pantry

First Baptist Church provides frozen and packaged food items to individuals and families in Great Portlandor need assistance. The Food Pantry has set hours and distributes food once a week. If you are interested in making a solid impact on the local community, you may want to consider assisting with the Food Pantry.


Do you enjoy meeting new people and helping them feel welcomed? If so, you may want to assist with greeting at the front and side entrances. Training will be provided.

Hats & Mittens needed for overseas ministry

Attention Knitters: There is a collection bin in the Parlor to begin collecting children's winter hats and mittens to send to our overseas missionaries. We now have a good collection of donated yarn. Thank you!

If you would like to use this yarn to knit hats and mittens, please call Claudia and she will get you a supply. We need lots of mittens and hats. FMI please contact Claudia Crucianelli at 712-5150.  

Multivisual Team

If you are on the techie side or have a strong interest in video, audio and sound systems, you may want to consider joining the Multivisual Team. The Multivisual Team manages the sound board, PowerPoint presentations/overheads, video recording Sunday worship for television and YouTube and records the worship services for radio. This is a hands-on opportunity that can start at the beginner level and grow overtime.

Snack Chat (Sunday, Noontime)

A great way to make new friends following the Contemporary Worshp Service is to assistast with Snack and Chat. Refreshments are often healthy and homemade by church attendees. Snack and Chat team members assist with food donations, set up and clean up.

Interested in Serving?

If you are interested in helping out on one of our Service Teams at First Baptist Church, send us a message and we'll put you in touch with the right person.

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